Cyber Defense Methodology 

We don't stop at cybersecurity, we provide nation-state grade cyber defense

As more and more pieces of our lives become digital, the cyber landscape has become a warzone of its own. Depending on your industry, an attack could have serious effects on the real world. This has made the need for cyber defense all the more crucial.

Because of this, we as an industry have had to adapt and evolve. We have come a long way from the days of antivirus being the most sophisticated security tool. Cyber defense, and more specifically, nation-state grade cyber defense, is the next level in the evolution.

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Geopolitical concerns are on the rise, and with that comes nation-state grade threats. Check out this video of our CEO and Co-Founder Brig. General, Ran Shahor discussing the different threats and how to stay secure. 

Trying to secure everything = securing nothing.

The secret to cyber defense

It seems like every day there is a hot new security tool to “solve” some niche problem. While there are definite use cases for them sometimes, they often become shelf-ware. With cybersecurity budgets already thin and practitioners already overworked, this creates more stress with little ROI to the actual business. 

Pragmatic, actionable reporting

Security teams are all about needing to do more with less. New threats emerge, and the skills shortage remains. Because of this being pragmatic is a great key to cyber defense. Find what is most important, and lock it down as hard as you can.

How many times do you get a pentest or risk assessment and the results are 100+ pages long saying absolutely nothing? We’re here to change that. Our reports are based entirely on what is most critical to your organization with bullet-pointed, actionable results to increase mitigation efforts.

Defending like an attacker

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The next secret to cyber defense is bringing an offensive element in. Understanding your attacker is critical – even with the high level of automation that is standard in the threat actor community, they were all built by humans. This element of profiling knowledge is a benefit of working with people with several years of attacking experience. Specifically nation-state attacking experience. This level of talent can provide invaluable insight as to why you would be targeted. They can also shine some light on glaring vulnerabilities that need to be addressed immediately. Moreover, they can show you how they would have gotten in if they were targeting you specifically. We saw the need for this knowledge quite a bit last year, and 2022 will be similar.

Putting cyber defense into practice

In addition to the above tips, a great way to increase your cyber defense efforts is by crafting a plan, and running through it. Services like red team blue team simulations and tabletop exercises are a great way to see your gaps. It’s much easier to figure those out in a controlled environment than when it happens for real. These exercises are a great learning opportunity for your team as well. This goes back to thinking like an attacker. Seeing in real time how an attacker would pivot and try new techniques can strengthen your blue team’s skillset as well.

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