Holistic Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

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HolistiCyber’s unique, holistic approach to cybersecurity risk assessment is all about uncovering critical vulnerabilities in your company’s cyber defenses. We combine standard best practices, assessments, and diagnostics of the human factor, along with cyber technologies and organizational processes to create the strongest defense mechanisms possible. In addition, we leverage our broad and deep understanding of the attacker’s perspective and weave it into our risk assessment. This approach helps us better identify potential vulnerabilities and allows you to implement a highly effective and focused mitigation plan.

What sets us apart is our in-depth understanding of the attacker’s perspective. We utilize this knowledge to identify potential vulnerabilities from a comprehensive standpoint, taking into account various attack vectors and techniques that adversaries may employ. This approach allows us to provide laser-focused recommendations that enhance your company’s security cost-effectively. By targeting the specific areas of weakness identified during our risk assessment, you can implement an efficient and tailored mitigation plan that maximizes the effectiveness of your cybersecurity measures.

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Why a Holistic Approach?

In the past, access to tactics, techniques, and procedures of powerful cyber attack tools was accessible exclusively to nation-states. In recent years, access to those cyber attack tools on the darknet have become simpler than ever, leading to the ability of cyber criminal groups to perform nation-state grade cyber attacks on the private sector for financial gain. This has created a new level of cyber risk to enterprises.

To address the risk, HolistiCyber takes a holistic view of your IT network, in order to provide a tailored and fully managed service that covers all aspects of the cyber kill chain. The proactive defense approach is specific to each company’s risk tolerance, business needs, workflows, threat-landscape, and is in consideration of attackers’ motivations.

A cyber risk assessment should not merely be a tick-box on a regulator compliance requirement, but a crucial tool to bolster an organizations cybersecurity state.

The solution includes

Assessment of risks concerning third-party or custom in-house applications  

Assessment of network-related risks 

Assessment of business-processes related risk

Assessment of human resources-related risk

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