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Implementing targeted security strategies to secure your assets

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Today, it is as easy to purchase a piece of malware off the Darknet as it is to shop for a toothbrush. There is tremendous commercial collaboration amongst cyber offenders. They share knowledge and cyber-attack tooling easily and anonymously. This prosperous market has led to a rapid emergence of cyber breach incidents. Enterprises should have their own proactive defense program that will scale and evolve quickly along with the rapid changes in the cyber-threat landscape.


The MyCISO service is provided by a security expert, with years of hands-on experience as a CISO in commercial organizations who is allocated on a part time basis to implement a strong cybersecurity program.


This expert provides expertise and actions to build best practices based on the organization’s current security state, business needs and budget. The goal is to mature the organization’s cybersecurity program and elevate its overall security posture.

MyCISO service baseline

The solution includes

Tailored multi-year strategy roadmap that evolves quickly with changing threats.

Cybersecurity risk register – tracking all key risks and ensuring progress.

Implementation of governance and improving security organizational structure.

“CISO on-demand”

Special tactics:  Sensitive detection elements

Multi-faceted preventative countermeasures

Intelligence insights

Well-defined response programs

Deceptive techniques

Continuous updates on company’s current security posture, cyber awareness, new security procedures, reforms to existing policies and more.

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