Why HolistiCyber?

We are very passionate about our mission: keeping organizations safe from nation-state level cyber threats. As such, we have assembled the people, technologies, and methodologies that help us provide our clients with superb cyber defense. Here is why HolistiCyber is the right partner to work with:

Why you should have us in your corner


Led by world-renowned cybersecurity thought leaders with robust, hands-on experience

World class expertise

Alumni of the Israeli Army cyber units, who have been on the attacker side and know how to get into their minds

Exclusive ‘We think like a hacker’ (OFM) methodology

As we get into the mind of attackers, we can effectively prioritize and handle vulnerabilities by exhausting attackers so they just move on to the next target

Holistic approach

Our work takes into account all potential attack vectors, from business and internal processes, digital assets, physical security and supply chain vulnerabilities

Practical insights

We provide insights, recommendations, and reports that are straightforward, actionable, and easy to understand

Unique understanding of Darknet intelligence

It’s like having your own sophisticated intelligence agency for proactive defense

Proprietary technological and automation tools

Our knowledge and expertise combined with the power of technology for better, more efficient and accurate service delivery

Ready to discuss your cyber defense needs?

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