Cyber Training and Awareness Tests

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Even with the most sophisticated security technologies, often the weakest link is the human element. This is why cyber awareness tests and training are an important component of any organization’s information security strategy.

HolistiCyber experts conduct security-focused training sessions for all employees, as well as specialized training for IT and groups that handle cyber attack sensitive areas of the business (e.g., senior management, HR, and legal). Training includes best practices, phishing simulations and ongoing phishing training.

In addition, HolistiCyber can craft specific training sessions around your organization’s specific needs. We can tailor a full employee training program around the company’s cyber policies, setting a multi-year plan for enhancing employees’ cyber knowledge and awareness.

The solution includes

Training sessions for all employees

Training sessions for groups that operate more cyber attack sensitive areas of the business

Tailor-made cyber security knowledge and awareness program to meet your specific needs

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