Cyber Incident Response Services

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Your Cyber Incident Response Partner from Planning to Remediation

Our incident response teams will be on hand ready to help you to immediately and effectively respond to any cyber incident. Our nation-state grade experts will investigate the incident to reveal entry points and essential components as well as map out the evolution of each attack. We will provide you with practical and actionable recommendations on how to block the attacker and related threat agents’ route of access.  We will also provide recommendations on how to improve your security controls, counter-measures, and implementation of safeguards going forward.

Incident Response Services aren’t just reactive either. Whatever stage of the process you are in: creating an incident response plan, looking for a team, or responding to an incident – we are here to help.

24 x 7 x 365 Cyber Incident Response Services

Cyber incidents aren’t 9-5, so our consultants aren’t either. Whenever and wherever you are hit, we are here to help. Regardless of what level of knowledge of the incident you have, our nation-state grade cyber defense experts can bring you an actionable plan to get you back on track.

The solution includes

Ad-hoc response teams

Full cyber incident response and  investigation using our unique forensics capabilities

Practical and actionable recommendations on blocking the immediate threat

Recommendations for adjustment to security protocols to prevent similar future incidents

Why have a third party cyber incident response team?

According to IBM’s 2020 Cost of a Data Breach report, it takes an average of 280 days for a company to detect an incident. Depending on the sophistication and scope of the attack, that can wreak havoc on the environment and potentially your reputation too. When you are already behind the 8-ball, time is even more of the essence.

Days on average to detect a data breach

Cyber professionals are expensive commodities. Having an in-house cyber incident response team can be incredibly costly, and many organizations can’t justify the cost. Budgets are tight as it is, so a very strong option is bringing in an external incident response service to jump in when the unthinkable happens. Having a third party cyber incident response team in your back pocket can not only help decrease time to response and remediation, but can also help in mitigating the threats to begin with. 


Cyber Incident Response as a Service

Familiarity with an environment is everything when it comes to response and remediation. Understanding what systems are being run, the skillsets of the IT and security teams, the types of assets your organization holds dear – all of these and more are critical to know when you run into an incident. If a third party is brought in after the fact, you could be losing precious time. With our retainer services, our nation-state experts have an intimate understanding of your environment to cut down that initial knowledge-transfer phase so we can get right to work when you need it most.

Nation-State Grade Digital Forensics

Who better to run digital forensics than nation-state trained attackers and defenders? Our entire nation-state methodology is based around understanding the attacker, which can significantly reduce investigation and cyber incident response remediation time. After you have mitigated the initial threat, understanding where it came from is crucial. Whether it is for cyber insurance purposes or for your company’s own edification, digital forensics can shine a light into the gaps that were exploited. 

Cyber Incident Response Planning

Whether this is your first time creating an incident response plan or you want to optimize, our experts can assist. Even the most insignificant gaps in a plan can make a huge difference in an incident being minor or catastrophic. Our experts have done this on the real cyber front lines, and we can bring that expertise to you. We can take you from cybersecurity to cyber defense. 

Practical Remediation

Pragmatism is our motto – especially when discussing incident response remediation services. Our remediation plans are actionable bullet points to ensure your time to remediation is as quick as possible. If it happened once it can happen again. We focus not only on the immediate threat but helping reduce your attack surface in the future.  

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