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SAGE, an AI driven, cyber defense platform, supports the CISOs mission to build and operate an effective and efficient cyber defense plan. It keeps the defense plan relevant and dynamic, automatically ingesting all reports and assessments by various vendors, and its AI connects and analyzes the variables in the defense plan.

Changing the way Enterprises build and manage their cyber defense plan 


While working closely with CISOs, our team identified a core need: to design, build and maintain an effective and efficient defense plan. Most CISOs are:

SAGE is purpose built for CISOs. It considers the needs of the organization: business impact analysis, risk tolerance, cyber posture, attack surface, etc., then considers attack vectors and analyzes everything with HolistiCyber’s unique methods in seeing the attack surface the way an attacker would.

SAGE Defense service

SAGE includes a context map of everything that matters – risks, vulnerabilities, assets, cyber-threats, and how they impact the business. The platform provides simple presentation options for management, translating cyber risks into business risks and includes “what-if” analysis to optimize budget usage for cyber security.

SAGE helps CISOs to…

Continuously maintain a relevant and effective cyber defense plan

Prioritize risks and projects

Delegate tasks to their team right from the platform

Avoid mistakes, such as spending millions on technologies and projects for no reason

Make optimal decisions by creating ideal conditions. Decisions are based on facts, data, and best practices

Optimize cyber defense spending

Receive answers from domain experts on current risks

Have focused retesting

Have a shorter to-do list and get more done

Prepare for board and C-level meetings quickly with easy presentation options

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