HolistiCyber customizes its monitoring service to supply the monitoring level that best suits your organization in the most efficient and cost-effective way

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Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises help organizations think ahead preemptively so that they are ready to immediately respond in the most efficient way against today’s threats

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Red Team/Blue Team Simulations

To fully understand the extent of your organization’s vulnerabilities, as well as your ability to defend your systems and data, it is recommended to run red-team-blue-team simulations

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Cloud Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Hosting applications on multiple cloud environments and migrating applications between clouds is becoming more common due to technological advancements and the ability to generate unique business advantages by working cross-cloud

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VIP Cybersecurity Programs

Cyber threats go beyond governments and corporations. Individuals today are just as concerned about their privacy, personal information, financial information, health records and more. Cyber-attacks on individuals can result in significant damage to both personal reputation and property.

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