Social Engineering: Training your way around the threat

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Why is social engineering one of the most widely discussed topics in security? Because it’s one of the most effective offensive tactics, and an inherently human discussion. It’s a concept that is easily understood because it largely plays on emotion. Whether it be fear, compassion, or anger that is used, we can fundamentally understand why […]

9 Tips for Fighting Ransomware

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Several recent high-profile ransomware attacks have caused organizations to take a closer look at their ability to deal with such an incident. The stakes could scarcely be higher, as ransomware attacks executed by human operators are targeted to bring down global production lines and deny access to business systems – while stealing and then encrypting […]

Has COVID-19 affected your cybersecurity budgets?

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We ran a survey of cybersecurity professionals on what effect COVID-19 is having on their resources. We found out some interesting facts we would like to share with you. Budgets Over 76% of the respondents said their cybersecurity budgets will increase or that they don’t anticipate them to change. Almost a quarter of them are […]

Cyber Defense in Times of Crisis… and After

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We all know this pandemic has affected the cyber industry in ways we never could have foreseen. According to VMWare Carbon Black, the attacks on banks and another financial organizations were up 38% between February and March and accounted for 52% of the threat traffic on their cloud. The concerns around the pandemic aren’t just […]

Cyber Geopolitics and COVID-19: What could come next?

The long and short term view has always been a requirement for those working in cybersecurity. Right now, the short term involves securing remote working infrastructures, while also responding to skyrocketing COVID-19 phishing lures. Essentially, fighting fires just to keep the organization going, while staying safe and healthy. However, we cannot forget the long term. […]

From the Front Lines: Cyber Community Insights

Dogs barking. Kids getting set up for online learning. Conference bridge crashing. Spouse or roommate is on the phone next to you. It’s 8 am and you haven’t had your coffee yet. Sound familiar? This is the new reality we are living in under COVID-19. For seasoned remote workers and new ones to this lifestyle […]

The CXO Security Threat: Destroying a Brand from the Inside

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From video streaming to virtual gaming, our time spent online is hitting an all-time high as people find ways to entertain themselves while being quarantined. We’ve seen loads of our favourite celebrities taking to their social media channels to showcase how they are practicing social distancing and coping with the boredom. This isn’t limited to […]

The Cyber Doc is in: Working from Home Amidst Coronavirus

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The COVID-19 scare has more people than ever working at home. While this isn’t a new trend, it is affecting people on a much more massive scale now in light of the current health frenzy. The giants have taken heed: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft among others have all disseminated their office workers in specific regions, […]

The Iranian Threat

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MEASURES TO BE TAKEN In light of geopolitical events in the Middle East, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released advisory information to help organizations take steps in understanding the threat from Iran and to apply defensive measures appropriately. HolistiCyber’s deep experience in combatting Iranian threat actors allows us to understand the following: 1) […]