Assessing Cyber Readiness for 2022

assessing cyber readiness

Assessing your cyber readiness every year is vital to ensuring that your network, applications, and systems have the appropriate protections in place. As we flip the calendar ahead into 2022, performing your cyber assessments is a great way to ring in the new year, along with dropping 15 pounds, hitting the gym 3 times a […]

The Impact of Russian Aggression on Cybersecurity

Russia Attack

With the situation escalating to an invasion, we have already seen these troop movements and aerial bombardments accompanied by cyber attacks on banks and TV stations in Ukraine. For those in the West, the Russian cyber threat is elevated but will be driven largely by the severity of sanctions placed on Russia, as well as […]

China Cyber Threat Defense – Today and in the Months Ahead

china cybersecurity

In 2021, the White House Briefing Room issued a statement attributing malicious cyber activity and threats to the People’s Republic of China. In the statement, China was accused of using “criminal contract hackers to conduct unsanctioned cyber operations globally.” The activities of these Chinese hackers include ransomware attacks, cyber-enabled extortion, crypto-jacking, and theft. One of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Apache Log4J

log4j vulnerability

Update 14th January While the Log4j shell vulnerability surfaced a month ago, it is still being exploited in the wild. Attackers are utilizing it to gain remote code execution (RCE), enabling the deployment of ransomware, crypto miners, and the access of unauthorized systems and data. Exploitation remains simple, allowing attackers to get full control without […]

Proactively Securing Your Enterprise Cloud

cloud security

Somewhere right now, sitting in front of a bank of computer screens in Russia, China, Iran, or even in the United States, is a band of cyber-criminals planning a nation-state grade attack. If they haven’t attacked your network yet, it’s just a matter of time. Taking proactive steps to secure your enterprise cloud now will […]

Weekly Cyber Breakdown

With so much information out there it’s good to know what is top of mind for other industry professionals. We’ll be updating this blog on a weekly basis with the top 10 articles and newsworthy topics in cybersecurity. This is a repository of top trends based on what industry leaders have been discussing most. Think […]

Ransomware: 7 Steps to Take Right Now to Become Ransomware Resilient

fighting ransomware

In our previous blog, we discusses the infamous question of “to pay, or not to pay?” when a network is hit by ransomware. But what about BEFORE the attack happens? In order to do that we need to talk about being ransomware resilient. What does it mean to be resilient? Being resilient means that a […]

Ransomware: To pay or not to pay, that is the question

paying ransomware

State of the ransomware attack. The good, the bad and the ugly… In some ways, the devastating ransomware attacks of the last two years have empowered security officers to obtain the budgets they need to upgrade their organizations’ cybersecurity preparedness and establish more robust security programs to cover people, technology, and procedures. The brazen nation-state […]

5 Core Elements of an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy for CISOs

cybersecurity strategy

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to cybersecurity. Over the last six months, we have seen an escalation in the number of reported cyberattacks, in their range, sophistication and in their long-lasting impact on businesses such as the Colonial Pipeline attack, and SolarWinds to name just two. These events obviously highlight […]

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