Lockbit Puzzle Disrupted

What CISOs Need To Know About The Lockbit Takedown

In a sweeping international operation, law enforcement agencies, spearheaded by the UK’s National Crime Agency, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Europol, have dealt a powerful blow to the notorious “LockBit” ransomware gang. The joint effort, known as ‘Operation Cronos,’ has disrupted the criminal infrastructure of LockBit, a cyber threat group responsible for over 1,700 global attacks.

Why The LockBit Disruption Matters

LockBit has been a major threat for several years, and was the world’s most prolific ransomware group in 2023. They successfully targeted organizations across diverse sectors, from financial services and food production, to schools, transportation, and government departments.  This disruption marks a pivotal moment, showcasing the capability of international collaboration to combat cyber threats effectively.

“This major disruption to LockBit is certainly good news, and Holistic Cyber applauds the efforts of international law enforcement in combating this major threat,” said Ran Shahor, CEO of Holistic Cyber, in reaction to the news.

“However, it’s important for CISOs to remember that any victory against nation state threat actors is at best temporary. Staying resilient against sophisticated adversaries requires continuous attention. We suggest CISOs use this opportunity to speak to their board members and CEOs about the significance of this news, and the threats that still exist. We also suggest that you conduct a thorough review of your organization’s incident response plan to ensure it includes specific measures to counter advanced threats.”

Ongoing Vigilance Required

The takedown of LockBit does not signal an end to persistent threats nor even an end to LockBit. Threat actors, known for their adaptability, are likely to regroup and evolve. Several days after the announcement of the takedown, news outlets were already reporting that LockBit was still spreading. Within a week, the group had begun to resurface

CISOs should view this disruption as an opportunity to review and strengthen their cybersecurity defense plan

Strategic Preparedness

Craft a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defense Plan:

  • Reevaluate and enhance your existing cybersecurity strategy to address emerging threats.
  • Incorporate threat intelligence and incident response plans into the overall framework.


Board Engagement:

  • Initiate conversations with your Board of Directors to underscore the critical nature of cybersecurity.
  • Craft cyber defense plans that are customized to your specific business, and clearly express the potential business impact and financial risks linked to cyber threats.


Conduct Rigorous Penetration Testing:

  • Execute thorough penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities within your organization’s systems.
  • Prioritize the remediation of any discovered weaknesses to bolster resilience.
  • Integrate regular red team testing to further identify and address potential vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity approach.


Employee Training and Awareness:

  • Reinforce cybersecurity awareness programs among employees to mitigate the risk of social engineering attacks.
  • Foster a culture of cybersecurity consciousness throughout the organization.


Review and Update Incident Response Plans:

  • Ensure your incident response plans are up-to-date and align with the current threat landscape.
  • Conduct tabletop exercises to test the efficacy of your response protocols.


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