Understanding the Need for A Risk Register in Cybersecurity

Understanding the Need for A Risk Register in Cybersecurity

Risk registers are a vital tool for cybersecurity planning that consolidate business risks into a single, manageable space. They provide streamlined reporting and information to align teams around the most important initiatives and will help save resources, time, and labor. By integrating compliance standards, defining the boundaries of needed coverage, and the likely effectiveness of […]

What CISOs Need To Know About The Lockbit Takedown

Lockbit Puzzle Disrupted

In a sweeping international operation, law enforcement agencies, spearheaded by the UK’s National Crime Agency, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Europol, have dealt a powerful blow to the notorious “LockBit” ransomware gang. The joint effort, known as ‘Operation Cronos,’ has disrupted the criminal infrastructure of LockBit, a cyber threat group responsible for over […]

Navigating The Cyber Challenges of 2024

2024 CEO Message

By Ran Shahor, CEO and Holistic Cyber Co-Founder. As we begin what I know will be a year of tremendous growth and change for us at Holistic Cyber, now is an opportune moment for me to reflect on the challenges and triumphs that shaped our past year as leaders in cyber security, and to make […]

Cyber Defense Planning and Optimization: Revolutionizing the Industry

SAGE Animation

Heads-up CISOs – there’s a major paradigm shift coming that will change how you plan and execute your adaptive cybersecurity defense strategy. There’s a new term that you are going to be hearing a lot in the coming months that will become a standard phrase in the cybersecurity community. One that will change how you […]

Enabling CISOs to Meet The Challenge of Cyber Security Planning

CISO Cyber Security Planning

By Ronen Lago  As cybersecurity experts dedicated to analyzing and researching the latest threats, we at Holistic Cyber welcome initiatives like the U.S. government’s National Cybersecurity Strategy. The strategy, released publicly in March of this year, is a comprehensive plan that outlines the nation’s approach to addressing cybersecurity challenges and protecting its critical and digital […]

Does Pentesting Save You Money On Cyber Insurance Premiums?

Does Pentesting Actually Save You Money on Cyber Insurance Premiums?

Way back in the cyber dark ages of the early 1990s as many households were buying their first candy-colored Macintoshes and using them to play Oregon Trail and visit AOL chat rooms, many businesses started venturing into the digital realm as well by giving employees access to the new digital tools like email, ftp file […]

SolarWinds And A Controversial New Era For CISOs

SolarWinds And A Controversial New Era For CISOs

The notorious SolarWinds cyber breach of 2020 is making headlines once again, and CISOs everywhere are talking about how the latest legal filings may have a lasting impact on how they do their jobs. SEC Charges SolarWinds CISO  As discussed in our earlier blog, “The Rise of CISO Accountability,” the SEC previously sent notices to […]

CISO Accountability When Orgs Experience a Major Cyber Attack

The Rise of CISO Accountability

Consider the following scenario: You are the CISO of a large, publicly traded company. Let’s say it’s a financial organization whose stock has hit a rough patch lately. The company experiences a major cyber attack, and you discover that the threat actors have deployed ransomware across your network and have encrypted and exfiltrated considerable amounts […]

Assessing the Current State of Geopolitics and Cybersecurity

lord jonathan evans MI5

By Lord Jonathan Evans Former Director General of the British Security Service and Advisory Board Member, HolistiCyber As we pass the midpoint of a year awash with complex geopolitical and cybersecurity challenges, we should reflect on the current intersection of these realms and the implications for private organisations. In this article, I will explore the […]

Was The Killnet’s Video Cyber Threat and Attack Serious?

Killnet Video Threat

Major Incident or Major Yawn?  In early June of this year, the cybersecurity community was shaken by a video released on Telegram and Twitter, allegedly by Pro-Russia cyber threat actors. The video, which featured a series of ominous talking heads against a dark colored background, accompanied by electronic music and an artificially generated voice, issued […]

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