Don’t Get Complacent Over the Holidays

Holiday Attack Blog

It’s easy for organizations to ease up during the holiday season. Employees take time off, work tends to slow down, and there is the electricity of excitement, hope, and possibility that you can almost touch. Hidden beneath the surface, however, are nation-state attackers and cyber criminals just waiting for an opportunity to exploit. Fewer eyeballs […]

Is Your Security Team Using Data-Driven Decisions Making?

data-driven decision making

Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is everywhere. Singapore’s DBS bank uses data to provide customers with hyper-personalized insights and recommendations, enabling customers to make smarter financial decisions. Netflix’s entire recommendation engine and creative programming teams follow data to deliver an outstanding user experience. Even Coca-Cola, the 130-year-old beverage company, uses data to eliminate waste from its marketing […]

With All Eyes on Russia, China Continues to Strike

China cyber threat

For the last year or so, the cybersecurity world has prepared itself for Russian strikes intended to cripple its victims. Disruptions to the global food supply, the energy sector, and other critical infrastructures have all been attributed to nation-state-grade attacks stemming from the Russian bear. In the world of cyber threats, Russia is the alpha, […]

Blowing the Whistle For Cybersecurity Compliance

cybersecurity compliance

Early in July, Aerojet Rocketdyne agreed to a $9M settlement in a whistleblower lawsuit. The aerospace and defense company was sued on behalf of the state of California by Brian Markus, a former senior director of cybersecurity, compliance, and controls hired in 2014. Markus alleged that the company promised a $10-$15M budget, a staff of […]

Why Are You Under Cyberattack?

cyberattack motivation

In mid-August of this year, the CHSF Hospital Centre in Paris found itself under attack. Emergency services and surgeries were put on hold while the hospital debated paying a $10M ransom. A Twitter data breach from earlier in August affected 5.4M users. JBS beef plants were shut down a year ago when ransomware took over […]

Is your Supply Chain Safe?

supply chain tightrope

On July 25 this year, the FBI warned that supply chains are “increasingly a point of vulnerability for computer intrusions.” The warning comes at a time when supply chain attacks are on the rise. Security Intelligence reported that 62% of organizations surveyed experienced a supply chain attack in 2021. While many of those attacks were […]

The CISO’s Guide – How to Talk to Your Board & C-Suite About Cybersecurity

how to talk to your board

Cybersecurity has become a business topic taking more prominence in the boardroom. A global survey conducted last year named cyber-attacks and data loss as the top two risks concerning directors & officers due to the pandemic-related changes such as work from home, hybrid working environments, and cloud technology transitions. The survey covered the USA, UK, Europe, […]

The Executive Board and the Virtual CISO


Cybersecurity fears are escalating. Cybercrime in the post-pandemic world has skyrocketed, and nation-state grade threats sit on every organization’s doorstep. Four out of five organizations report an increase in cyber threats since the start of the pandemic. Those fears are intertwined with supply chain attack headlines and apprehension of nation-state cyber threats emanating from the […]

The Russian Cyber Threat & How to Mitigate the Risks

russian cyber threat

In the buildup to Russia’s Ukrainian invasion, nearly every media outlet and cybersecurity specialist – including us – warned that a Russian war would inevitably spill over into cyberwarfare. Two days before the attack, Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warned of “international consequences” and called on UK organizations to “bolster their online defenses.” On […]

Overcoming the People Shortage

cybersecurity expert shortage

Earlier this year, HolistiCyber’s CEO, Ran Shahor, shared his thoughts on the biggest cybersecurity threat. It’s not the Russians or Chinese; it isn’t even supply chain attacks. While those are serious threats that organizations need to prepare for, the biggest threat is the lack of certified, experienced cybersecurity professionals. It is somewhat ironic. We often […]